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Embed a vote button on your own Battlefield site main front page to encourage active voting. This also gives my site traffic so we can get more communities on the site. 



Players may vote once per day and the stats are reset monthly!


After you register and log in, navigate to the User Control Panel for the easy HTML button code,

then just copy and paste the code on your own website block to display the vote button.


Promote Your Clan Site


The more votes you have the higher your site will rank for your location and platform category. Other players searching for Battlefield clans are more likely to find your site the higher you rank for your region and platform, its not all about just the front page.


Your clan profile page will display monthly votes in and visits out. Navigate to the user control panel once your site is approved to grab a vote button HTML code to paste in your own website for better Website SEO and to encourage more active voting.

Any cheaters trying to boost rank by fake votes will be dealt with. Problem sites will be removed! Spot checks will be made on suspicious activity. One vote per I.P a day per device per member, keep your clan active and have fun voting! NO VPN'S IF FOUND YOU ARE USING ONE YOU WILL BE KICKED!!!!


The more you promote your clan profile details page on Twitter, Battlelog Forums and Facebook or anywhere thats relevent to gaming will expand your online presence. There are social media share buttons on each clan profile page to help you get started.




Good Luck On The Battlefield!