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Welcome To Battlefield Clans Top Site


Any and all websites are allowed to register here as long as Battlefield is a supported game.


Start promoting your website or platoon for better SEO "Search Engine Optimization".


Think about this for a minute. How will Battlefield players find your website in google when searching for clans to join?  Take a second to search for yourself online just what Website SEO is and how it can help your community actively recruit new players.


On players may vote once per day and the clan profile stats are reset monthly. The more votes you have the higher your site will rank for your location and increasing your odds that players searching will find your clan profile page.


Visit the User Control Panel after your site is approved to upload a custom banner. Be sure to embed one of our vote buttons on your own website to encourage more voting.


Example of vote buttons.

Background checks will be made on suspicious voting activity. One vote per I.P a day per device for each member of your clan.
Stay legit, problem websites will be deleted.



• We do not display any google adds here.  We only have banners to help direct users to rent Servers or build a website. We pride ourselves in having a add free website,  thank you for all the support with donations that help keep us running strong!



Good Luck On The Battlefield!