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How to build a Free Clan website


Here's an easy way to create a website that's professional looking, fast loading with gaming forums plus more!


Free Clan Website Hosting


Click here to get your gaming community online and prepared for the Battlefield ! Your Community deserves it!


Getting tired of maintaining a old outdated website? Do you want a mobile friendly site for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone? Want to start a clan or guild? This is the easiest way I have found and you don't even need to know any website design skills. It's a no brainer and the sites load FAST! All you do is register, name your clan, pick a custom clan template and tweak it then tell people about it. That's it! Well.. You do have to make some forums but it's very easy to do. Free hosting plus free clan and guild templates, flash banners, event calendars, forums, chat, shoutbox, application forms, training, wars sign ups and more.