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For those who donate, in return your clan will be awarded with extra votes!


Example of how it works:


For every dollar donated your clan will receive an extra 25 votes a day for 2 days.

If you donate 30 dollars you will receive 25 extra votes every day for the next 60 days.

This star Active Donatorwith the clan name in bold and site URL will identify active donating clans.


You may donate any amount, thank you for your support!


Donate with the button below. 


* Please leave a note on PayPal with your clan name to receive credit! *



If you have any questions or request please send a message.

@ Send Message


Remember you dont have to stress about being on the very top of the front page. Strive to be towards the top for your location and platform page. New players often pick the location and platform to find a clan that best suits their needs.


Also feel free send an email to request a new screenshot for your clan website when needed. You may also send a email with a custom 400px x 291px JPG image to replace the website screenshot on your clan profile page.


Be sure to also promote your own Battlefield Clan details page on social media with the Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter buttons for more help with profile activity.


Good Luck On The Battlefield!